The JFDI Business Academy subscription
November 24, 2019
Hello, lovely ladies. This post is to show you how to change your subscription to the new JFDI Business Academy

Step 1

You must enter the members area and go to the billing section

Step 2

Select the new plan to change your subscription

Step 3

Select the payment plan (JFDI Business Academy) and activate it. Remember that you cannot switch from monthly to yearly and vice versa WITHIN THE SAME PLAN, you must keep the same payment type.

Remember that if you have any questions you must send them to

Have a lovely day!

Much love

Team Noor xx

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I was advised the Cad$ amount would show in processing for conversion, it did not?

Jennaleigh Sharpe

Hi I'm confused, this isn't working for me... keeps saying I don't have an account?

Remember to send this type of messages to our email

Am I in? I’m not sure if I’ve done it right

Me neither can’t seem to go any further

I'm checking everything now

Business academy- Totes committed

£125 / month
Includes access to 3 products:
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Business Academy - Rolling With My Homies

£135 / month
Includes access to 2 products:
Get access

JFDI Academy 2020 - Committed AF - 6 Months

£33 / month
Includes access to 2 products:
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JFDI Academy 2020 - Rolling With Your Homies - Cancel Any Time

£35 / month
Includes access to 1 product:
Get access

JFDI Academy 2020 - Totes All In - Annual Payment & Save

£350 / year
Includes access to 2 products:
Get access