•••I feel Overwhelmed***
January 28, 2020
•••I feel Overwhelmed***
*** I don’t know where to start so I won’t start at all****
** I don’t know what to do**

OK lovely lovely ladies... 

RELAX MON.... this isn’t meant to be a challenge and I’ve not purposefully made it difficult to navigate so I can watch ya all get your knickers in a twist 🤣🤣 I want you guys to ENJOY the process.. but clearly I’m doing something not quite right as getting lots of messages so wanted to clear some bits up...

You can start at the top and work your way down the sections... In a linear 1 step. 2 step fashion... you can do ONE thing a month or ALL a month .. it’s YOUR journey ... it’s not about getting stressed. It’s about making SELF care time for you... like Netflix for your soul .

...OR you can just pick what jumps out at you and work on that !!! 

I’ve put the meditations and hypnosis in the sections that I feel it pertains too.. but it doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up ... 

Think about ONE thing you would love to work on this month and then PICK what can help support you..  focus on ONE hypnosis for 21 days ..

This isn’t a 6 week course.. this is an ongoing program for your growth and like going to a gym, you pick what you feel like strengthening a muscle when you feel called... 

I want you to learn and embed the steps BUY this is a way of being... and it’s ok to shift focus to what feels good at that time ... it’s not always linear ❤️

If you need help - email us !!!! Or Tag Team Noor ... 

We are limited by the platform functionally BUT we are not limited in being able to SUPPORT you. We are tAlkng on board  all your feedback and I’ll be sharing lots more on Fridays Live.. 

You can tag Samantha Masterson Anita McKenna and Natasha Brooker for Mindset questions..

Love Noor xox

P.S enjoy the journey, this isn’t school , you aren’t being tested, there’s no right or wrong, you make your own rules and do what suits you. Xox
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Karen Cottrell

Thank you x


Thanks Noor for this oportunity. Realy i dont how to start.

Justine Forrest

I've just joined - gosh I don't know where to start!

Cintia Da Silva

I'm quite excited to receive this strong energy from you Noor! You are amazing, thank you for your passion x

Hi everybody!
I’ve just joined after completing the manifestation week on Facebook.
I am totally addicted.. cannot wait to get started on everything!
I’m generally a really positive person, but have struggled the last few months (thanks COVID 🖕🏼) 🤣 and CANNOT wait to get back on track and then some.
Noor you are amazing and sooo inspirational! Literally cannot wait to get back on here in a couple of weeks time with an update of how my life has changed already ❤️ Xxx

My anxiety & confidence both need significant attention 👌😜

I'm with you on that one

Lynda Harrison

This made me stop and think. I can commit to and hour a day to improve my life, to help me, then I’m worth more that £33 a month. That’s about £1 a day and I know I’m worth more that that

Hilda Fitzgerald

I just upgraded to the business academy looking forward to the journey and thank you Noor for pushing me to take action x


Getting Noor's response that I'm in made me smile from head to toe and brought tears to ,y eyes!

Lutfiyya Dhalla

Hi! I just signed up and I can't wait to get started and connect with you. Let's make some magic! <3

I've just joined for the 6months to start with. I'm feeling excited, overwhelmed and a little nervous all rolled into one but looking forward to a happier less anxious and more content life x

Definite Munthali

Just join now, very excited for the journey ahead!

So I am ready to be guided and turn it all upside down as everything else that I have done has been another flat or slow fail.

I have lost my Hunger, Passion and drive. I am embarrassed to say despite the fact that I am a healer and a really really good one too and I dont take money to help anyone right now I just to make a lot of money because I want to assist my Kid to buy a house and I would like a lump sum to help him.

Amanda Philips

Thanks so much I’ve just joined for the year, I’m excited!! Just making my way through all the content! Xx

Katrina North

Just joined, can't wait to get stuck in 😊

Hi JDFI fam 💖 I just joined 😊

Lesley Houston

Than you ❤️

Lesley Houston

Just joined and I can’t wait for my new life to begin x

Yay!!! I just joined for 6 months!!! I’m so excited for this Journey 🙌🏻

Natalie Booth

I joined last night and am excited to see where it takes me x

Just joined up - I’m so excited 😆

Just joined this evening so looking forward to this, woo hoo!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Gemma Saunderson

I’ve just joined this evening. I cannot tell how excited I am to begin this journey!!! xx

Natasha Shaddick

Just joined so excited to start this new adventure

Angela Bishop

Joined today so excited and grateful for the opportunity 🙏🏼

Belinda Hattingh

Thank you Noor for making JFDI academy so affordable!
Loved the boot camp! You truly are amazing! I’m so grateful you have entered my life! 🤗

Jane Tippins Miller

I decided to JFDI! Excited to see where it takes me. Thank you Noor 💗

Shelley Conlan

Joined today and looking forward to getting started. am soo ready for this x

I just joined and am look forward to really finding myself and improving me.
When we did the meditation, I found It really hard to concentrate. Couldn’t see myself sitting on the chair, let alone the red box. I will try it again today.
I’ve always been scared to take that plunge (lol...even though they say Aries are risk takers 😜).
I’m hoping this academy will give me that push, that strength to really believe in myself that I am capable, I am good, I am worthy, and that anything is possible 😊.
Good luck and look forward to meeting you all and making new friends 😊💕😁🙏🏼

Joined to day 👏

so ...after much do i don't i moments ...and not having had much success on the meditation you did on Fri , i couldn't see ANYTHING in my red box !, i tried again this morning ....and had tears falling down my face ...i saw a white feather in the box! After another do i dont't i moment i had a JUST F*CKING DO IT shout in my head ....So hear i am !! Ready and set to receive all i am worthy of !! Lets GO!

Falrgmeh Rksdbmovye

I joined last night, am so excited to start 🙏

Melissa Petinou

I've just joined. Feeling freaking excited!!!

Diana Pascuzzo

I just joined after finishing the bootcamp. Super excited to get into this and beginning my manifesting journey with you all <3

I just joined. Was sent your link by a dear friend. I am looking forward to FMUniverse. Want to learn so much.

I’d tuned into the Facebook lives all week. “I know what I want,” I thought. “I want to become a coach, like Noor. This academy isn’t for me,” I told myself. “I need to learn NLP and coaching techniques.” So when Sunday’s live finished I was buzzing, knowing exactly what I had to do and grateful to the universe for showing me. But then I happened to catch my reflection in the mirror. My mood tanked as all the old brain noise piped up. “Who do you think you are? You’re fat, old and ugly. No one will listen to you. You’re a fool for even trying. It’ll never work out. It’ll be years before you reach that level...” But then the universe started screaming at me. “THAT’S EXACTLY WHY YOU NEED THIS. INVEST IN YOURSELF. TREAT YOURSELF.” My ego had missed the point. It’s not a quick fix. It takes time and effort. So here I am. Ready to learn and humbled to realise I don’t have all the answers. Excited for the journey.

Me too
Go you! 👏

Joined! Found Noor's website just a week ago when I was searching for resources on money mindset / manifesting, just in time to follow the 5-day bootcamp, and now here I am! Thanks to the Universe for sending me this amazing opportunity. :)

And I've Joined, so many changes in my life at the moment this is just perfect timing. Known this stuff all my life but have let my ego take over.. now I understand x

Just joined woohoo :)

Just joined can’t wait to get started 😁

Danielle darling

Thanks so much Noor for this opportunity. Your vibe is infectious x

Samantha Greenwell

I have just joined this amazing academy.... cant wait to get manifesting. X

Linda Williams

Im just so Ready!!!!!

Marcia Butcher

Went with my gut institution and im glad to be a part of this group 😊😊😊 so exciting

Claire Dilworth

Oh I’m super excited to be here 😍🤪

Daisy Cumberland

How exciting!!

Kyzdxqtv Ikdwbqtaje

Thanks Noor 🥰✨🦋

Thank you Noor

Thanks Noor that helps loads x

Trish Antoniewicz

Thankyou Noor for your helpful words. Also thanks for my Badass tote bag & the signed card. I'll use it as a book mark for your JFDI book which arrived today ❤

Heather Williams

Thanks for explaining 🥰 x

That's just put all my anxiety to bed thanks Noor 🙏 x

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