The JFDI + Protect Your Biz Bundle by Noor Hibbert

The JFDI + Protect Your Biz Bundle

Looking to protect your online service business with an agreement which you have confidence in?

The JFDI & Protect your Biz Bundle is designed to help you protect your passion and conduct business with confidence.

This  start-up bundle will help to get you started and includes mandatory policies required by UK law. This bundle has been created with online business owners who are offering a service in mind.

The bundle provides you with template documents including a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy (for you to upload to your site and to create a Privacy Policy for your business to ensure that you are compliant with mandatory data legislation ), Terms of Use for your website, plus templates for disclaimers, copyright, cookies and refunds.

It provides you with template documents so that you can protect  various areas of your  online business.
It comes with factsheets and checklists so you can edit the templates to suit your needs and so you can feel supported in protecting your business.

PLEASE NOTE:  You are purchasing template documents and this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice. 

Why do you need these documents?

There are lots of reasons but here’s three:
  1.  Firstly, it’s the law – there are laws which require information disclosures (such as that the name and geographic address along with an electronic contact address are easily and permanently available) In addition, elements which deal with the handling of people’s data (privacy policies and cookies policies) are legal requirements, not just in the UK but internationally. 
  2. Secondly, to protect your intellectual property – you’ll no doubt have spent a lot of time  creating your content  for your courses and services and getting your logo and branding the way you want. You want to protect that and need to have the legal policies in place to do so
  3. In addition, you’re responsible for your site and the way people use it, it’s important to set out how the content is to be used to protect yourself from claims but also to protect those using the information on your site. 
  4. Lastly, to and your clients when you start exchanging money for your services. You want to feel like you're protected, but equally that your customer also understands that you have made a commitment to deliver.

What’s included in the bundle?

You will receive factsheets and checklist to help you  edit the templates and make them relevant to you. You can email support at should anything be unclear,

This bundle includes:

1. Terms of Use - including acceptable use and dispute resolution clauses

2. Privacy Policy – GDPR compliant policy

3. Intellectual Property clause

4. Refund Policy – including an option for digital downloads

5. Disclaimers - attempting to protect you and your business from legal claims

6. Copyright Policy – options to choose depending on the protection you need for the material and content on your website

7. Cookies Policy – setting out how you use data collected on your site

8. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This agreement is for you if you’re looking to work with a company and either you or the company are looking to protect confidential information. The NDA will help you to protect any intellectual property. The Non-Disclosure Agreement provides you with template document for use in your business as either the Discloser of confidential information or the Receiver of confidential information and covers the Recipient’s confidentiality obligations and the scope of any permitted disclosure.

9. 1:1 Client Agreement - template which  covers services, deliverables, payment, liability, termination, and complaints

The templates and information contained in here are relevant to English law only and are not suitable for any business governed by the laws of another jurisdiction.

You are purchasing a template document. This template is suitable for online business owners who provide the majority of their services online. The template is not to be construed as legal advice. 


How to use The Protect Your Business Bundle

Following the successful purchase of this bundle you will receive access to the members area where you can access and download the relevant documents.

Remember, before publishing the templates onto your site, you will need to edit them for your business. 


By placing an order for The JFDI + Protect Your Business Bundle you have understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

This bundle does not entail "legal advice" as it includes template documents and purchasing does not  mean we are acting as your solicitor and cannot provide you with any bespoke legal advice.  If you need help with completing the template documents, you should email us to discuss support packages at an additional cost. 

The only support that will be included in the price is technical support if you have problems downloading and saving the documents. 

Should you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.