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Welcome To The Purpose Project
Module 1
The Purpose Trifecta - Masterclass #1
The Purpose Project Week One Slides
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Six Human Needs Test
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Score Your Six Human Needs
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Six Human Needs Interpretation
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Extra Reading
Module 2
Divine Homelessness- Masterclass #2
The Purpose Project Week Two Slides
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How Connected Are You Quiz?
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Ideal Life Journal Task
Module 3- On Purpose
Module 3- On Purpose
Value Map
Questions To Journal on..
Homework - Moving Toward Soul and ON purpose living
Module 4 - Dharma
Living On Purpose
Self Awareness Homework Journal Questions
Enneagram Test
Daily Meditation
10 mins
Module 5 - My Purpose
Module 5 -My Purpose #2
BONUS: The Business Navigator
Find What Motivates Me Journalling
Strengths Finder Test
Module 6 - The Future
Purpose Project Week 6 Finale
Higher Calling Journal Questions...